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Recent Activity

Recent Activity Updated

Rinjani erupted 3 times on may 22, 2010 with activity continued till early may 23. consistent with the volcano’s official watching agency, ash from Mount Barujari was rumored as rising up to 2 metric linear unit into the atmosphere and

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Volcanic Composition

Volcanic Composition Updated

In Lombok, Rinjani volcano lies just about three hundred kilometres (188 mi) north of the Sunda Trench (also referred to as Java trench) and is set about a hundred and seventy kilometres (110 mi) higher than the active north dipping

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Volcanology Updated

The Rinjani crater forming eruption is thought to have occurred within the 13th century. Dated to “late spring or summer of 1257,” this eruption is now thought of the likely supply of high concentrations of sulfur found in widely spread

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