The Rinjani crater forming eruption is thought to have occurred within the 13th century. Dated to “late spring or summer of 1257,” this eruption is now thought of the likely supply of high concentrations of sulfur found in widely spread ice core samples and should are “the most powerful volcanic blast since humans learned to write down.” the huge eruption may have triggered an episode of worldwide cooling and unsuccessful harvests.

Eruption rate, eruption sites, eruption type and

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Geologic Summary

On the premise of geomorphology theory, Rinjani is one of the series of volcanoes built in the Lesser sunda islands because of the subduction of Indo-Australian oceanic crust beneath the Lesser archipelago, and it’s taken that the source of melted magma is concerning 165–200 kilometres (103–124 mi) depth. The earth science and tectonic setting of … Read more