Mount Rinjani One of The Most Beautiful Mountains in Indonesia

Mount Rinjani is categorized as one of the highest mountain in Indonesia. Therefore, it is not easy to reach the top of this mountain. There were many accidents happened at this mountain’s area. Rinjani is located in Lombok Island. The height of this mountain is about 3,726 mean sea level. Some people who love hiking and trekking would love to choose this mountain. For your information, if you really want to hike this beautiful mountain, you have to make sure that you are in a good condition. You do not have any disease or something which could risk you.

You have to know that there is a national park around this beautiful mountain. It also enables you to camp there. It is about 41,330 ha. It will offer you beautiful scenery. You can also find Segara Anak Lake around Rinjani. This beautiful spot could be reached by 2 official stripes. You could arrive at the top of Rinjani by passing Senaru or even Sembalun.

If you want to trek Mount Rinjani and are delighted from Senaru lane, it will need about 7 hours to 10 hours to arrive. Another way to reach Rinjani is from Sembalun which would take about 8 hours to 10 hours to be there.

Before trekking this amazing mountain, you also have to ensure that you have done the right things. Make sure that you have put your needs while trekking the mountain. Do not forget to bring simple stuff. This way would help you while trekking the mountain. Enough stock of food and drink is something you have to consider about. This is reasonable because you will hike the second highest mountain in Indonesia.

Another thing that you have also to consider about is the time to hike. Make sure that you are doing the trek at a right time. See the weather and stuff. If something wrong happened or anything as rain, you would better not to go to the top of Rinjani.

Next, if you have prepared everything you need, ask your parents for permission. You have to know that it can endanger your life. Do not forget to pray also before starting your awesome journey. Anyway, you have to know this thrilling information. It is about a horrible accident happened to people who hiked Rinjani couple years ago. This news became popular at the time.

The accident happened in 2007 or about 10 years ago. A fisher was fishing at that time. He fished in Segara Anak Lake and suddenly found 7 dead bodies there. Well, actually those 7 cadavers were found on a bridge. The bridge connected Plawangan Sembalun and the Segara Anak Lake. Another information about this accident is those 7 hiker hiked the Rinjani at a wrong time. It happened in March. The weather was not good and actually it was not recommended to trek at the time. It was rainy and cloudy. That makes sense why this accident could happen. Moreover, they also did not bring enough food and drink stock. By reading this article, hopefully you guys will understand about the rule of trekking. Even trekking is your hobby but yourself is more way important to be safe.

Beside those 7 Indonesian victims, there was also an Italian named Federica Frovera. At that time, he was 27 years old and this accident happened in 2010. He fell to a cliff and lost his life there. The cliff was about 80 meters. He actually was not alone trekking the Rinjani. He came with his 30 years old friend named Guillome Antonilo. From the news gotten, Federica trekked the Rinjanji with way much exhaustion. You could learn something from this case. If you want to trek a super high mountain, make sure that you can control your power. When you feel tired, just stop the step and take a rest. After you get your energy back and think that you are strong enough to hike, then continuo your awesome trek.
The next information you have to know about trekking Rinjani or another mountain is it is does not always happen to the beginners but also the leader. While trekking a mountain, you will find some signs about illegal way.

It is all about Mount Rinjani Trekking. Hope this informative article could help you to understand more about trekking Rinjani.